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American Polymer Products, Inc.

American Polymer Products, Inc. (APP) is an industry leading custom molder of polyurethane products. Products include VIV Shedding Pipeline Strakes, Temporary Abandonment (TA) Wellhead Caps Wear Pads, Rollers, Wheels, and Custom Products such as hydrocyclones, vibration absorbers, drilling tong safety handles, industrial gaskets, pipe support racks, pipe wipers, and clamp liners.

E.P.I., Inc.

E.P.I. designs, manufactures, and fabricates standard and custom rubber and polyurethane energy absorbing products for offshore platforms and docks. Products include shock cells, rubber sleeves, boatlanding rubstrips, conductor centralizers, deck mating cells, and completely fabricated barge bumper systems. E.P.I.'s fabrication yard is also capable of fabricating complete boatlandings and custom fender systems.

Dual Fabricators

Dual Fabricators'company owned facility is permanently located in the Industrial Port of West St. Mary on a deepwater slip. This yard specializes in the fabrication of decks, heliports, boatlandings, risers, skirt pile guides, clamps, and barge bumpers. We have a proven track record with all of the major oil and gas producers and many of the independents.

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