Lightweight Wellhead Temporary Abandonment Caps

APP and Drill String Services, Inc. have collaborated to design and manufacture a Lightweight Temporary Abandonment (TA) Cap for Wellheads. Shell and Kerr-McGee have successfully installed several of these caps.

The Lightweight Wellhead TA Cap was developed to reduce rig time. The cap is installed and removed with the use of a Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV).

The installation sequence is totally independent of additional equipment, eliminating the use of the drill string or other surface equipment such as winches, davits, or A-frames. The TA Cap can be installed while the rig is accomplishing other tasks.

The caps are manufactured from high quality polyurethane and the weight is extremely manageable with ROVs both in air and in water. The caps are fitted with a stainless steel T-handle, and a 17H ROV hot stab receptacle for inhibitor injection. There are currently two sizes available - a 27 1/4 inch and a 36 3/4 inch, with virtually unlimited ability for additional sizes.


  APP Lightweight Wellhead TA Cap versus Conventional Methods:
  • Original cost for the cap is substantially lower than conventional aluminum or steel TA Caps
  • Can be installed and removed using ROVs only - No additional wenches or rigging is required
  • No surface equipment required for installation - Conventional systems use separate winches, which require additional time, equipment, and personnel
  • Conventional systems require the rig to be in close proximity to the well during the operation - Using this ROV installable TA Cap, the cap is carried down by the ROV and installed or removed while the rig is performing other tasks (such as installing or removing anchors or lowering or retrieving the BOP off location).
  • Material is impervious to saltwater degradation
  • Caps are manufactured in bright yellow for high visibility underwater (other colors are available)
  • TA Caps are self sealing to the wellhead - no additional clamping or gasket material required

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