Every E.P.I. Barge Bumper system is supplied including compression type Shock Cells as described above. E.P.I. is the only vendor who maintains a complete fabrication yard located at the Port of West St. Mary on the Intracoastal canal. Our yard is equipped for complete fabrication of Boatlandings and Barge Bumpers and can loadout directly onto waterborne transport vessels at our site.

E.P.I.'s yard is equipped for welding, fitting, sandblasting, and painting as well as shock cell testing. Our company supplies a full line of completely fabricated Barge Bumper systems which are described in our catalog.

Basic criteria for choosing a Barge Bumper system:

For Gulf of Mexico based structures, our most popular Barge Bumper is the "Big King" System". For a copy of our catalog please contact our office at (337) 237-1182 or email sales@app-epi.com

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