E.P.I. manufactures a Prime-ether Polyurethane rubstrip for protection of boatlandings. There are many different types of polyurethanes, some of which are not durable in saltwater and U.V. radiation. Prime-ether, however, is the highest grade of urethane for this type of application.

Advantages of the E.P.I. Prime-ether Polyurethane Rubstrip:

  • Prime-ether Polyurethane rubstrips bond chemically as well as mechanically creating the strongest bond of any type of polymer material to steel.
  • Prime-ether Polyurethane rubstrips typically can withstand elongations of 400-500%.
  • Prime-ether Polyurethane rubstrips have a much lower coefficient of friction than rubber rubstrips and are much more suited to the abrasive vertical motions of a vessel than a rubber rubstrip.
  • Prime-ether Polyurethane rubstrips can be bonded to any type of steel surface as demonstrated in the E.P.I. catalog. the structure itself
  • The life expectancy of a Prime-ether Polyurethane rubstrip is typically longer than the life expectancy of the structure itself.

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