E.P.I.'s pin pile fenders were built for Cabinda Gulf's South Nemba platform. These fenders were manufactured in a series of polyurethane and steel disks, and facilitated in the installation of the platform. Our expertise with elastomers in compression give us the ability to custom design products to meet a wide variety of applications.
These pi-type fenders were produced for Shell's Auger platform. E.P.I. manufactured many pi-type fenders and connected them to create a wall of protection for the legs of this platform. These fenders aided in the transportation of "Auger" to its final destination.
These 52 inch outer diameter cells are the largest in the world and reflect the latest in energy absorbing technology used in severe service applications. The shock cells were custom designed for Kvaerner Concrete and Construction (K.C.C.), and are based on the use of rubber in compression -- BOTH directions.
In addition, over 600 polyurethane fenders shown here were also built for Kvaerner. These poly fenders and the cells above combined to protect K.C.C.'s dockside facility from floating concrete structures during fabrication. All of these products were designed, molded, and fabricated by E.P.I.

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